About the Project

The Arizona Security and Prosperity Project is an unincorporated association of individuals organized pursuant to section 501C4 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The Project is committed to empowering the United States, the state of Arizona and their citizens through the examination of and public advocacy for enhanced border security, economic strength and individual liberty. The Project will examine policy options and public opinion in these specific areas through academic research, and public polling.

The Project will carry out these efforts through broadcast and cable television, direct mail, digital media and in-person and telephone town halls. In conducting these activities, the Project will be non-partisan, and will not advocate the election or defeat of any identified candidate for public office.

The public policy research conducted and disseminated by the project will focus on obtaining and advocating real solutions to the policy issues created by inadequate border security measures, declining economic growth and the loss of individual liberty due to the expansion of government at all levels.

Campaign finance rules have changed a great deal over the past three years as the Supreme Court has significantly expanded free speech rights. The new laws allow both individuals and corporations to make unlimited contributions directly to the Project, a federally registered C4.

Meet the Team

Brian Seitchik
Executive Director

Brian Seitchik serves as the Executive Director of The Project. Brian has experience managing and consulting on Presidential, Gubernatorial, and Congressional races in Florida, California, Ohio, Arizona and internationally. In addition, Brian served as Chief of Staff to former California Congressman Dan Lungren.

William Canfield
Board of Director

William Canfield is a prominent attorney in Washington, DC, specializing in election law and tax-exempt issue advocacy.  He has been the General Counsel for five Republican Presidential campaigns since 1996.  He has represented a number of GOP House and Senate campaign committees and served as the General Counsel at the National Republican Senatorial Committee in Washington

Marty Hermanson
Board of Director

Marty Hermanson is the former Chairman of the Pinal County Republican Committee. In 2010 and 2011, Marty was recognized by the Arizona Republican Party as the County Chairman of the year.

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Arizona Security and Prosperity Project
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